Alex's courses can be from one to ten days. Below are the standard courses.
 The Problem-Solving Approach to Respiratory Care
Basic level, for juniors, non-respiratory seniors or for those requiring a revision.

 Critical Care and on-call
For juniors involved in ICU work, and new Band 6ís.

 What can we do for the Breathless Patient?
For those working on medical wards or in pulmonary rehabilitation, for community and hospice physios, experienced respiratory nurses and physicians.

 Advanced workshop
Based on evaluation of practice, problem-solving, group work, lectures, evaluation of the literature and case studies, with annotated reference lists - for experienced respiratory seniors who are willing to be actively involved in group work, and who have preferably done at least one of the previous courses.

 Hyperventilation Syndrome Study Day
Theory, practical and DVD.
This can also be added as an extra day to the Advanced workshop.

 Physiotherapy for Survivors of Torture (no fee)
2-hour lecture and discussion.

 Respiratory Outpatients
One-day course for non-respiratory physiotherapists treating patients with chronic respiratory conditions.

 Respiratory Care for Community Physiotherapists